2018 Color Palettes To Bring Some Life Back To Your Home

calssic living room with dark blue wall

Not too pleased about Pantone’s color of the year? Great news! Ultra Violet doesn’t have to be the only shade of 2018. We’ve compiled below 3 color palettes to start the new year bright and fresh.


earthy tones color palette

Aside from looking like great lipstick shades, these are amazing textile colors. From throw pillows to textured rugs and even curtains, they’ll definitely bring a boho-chic vibe to your home in an instant.

hippie bedroom with guitars

(© Kayla Kilims)

Pairing a blanket and a curtain will feel a little heavy, if not done properly. The key to a breathable room, if you decide to go all out with patterns is: white walls and some natural lighting. The larger the windows, the better!

wall with table and lamp

(©Angus Fergusson)

Don’t shy away from a little fun! Earthy tones can sometimes feel dull. Dividing the wall into two distinct parts can give your nude color its time to shine! Paint it preferably at the bottom; it’ll give the illusion of a bigger and longer wall.

Mixing wood and straw accents will undoubtedly give a natural look to your space. Perfect if you need a room to lay back, relax and get back to basics.


bold tones color palette

Bright shades can seem a little scary at first. It is hard to picture them outside of a child’s bedroom or pencil case. But there is something to be said about a nice yellow blue or red added to your space, which might just turn your frown upside down.

yellow fireplace


When dealing with the brightest of brights, it’s all about accents in a room. They can instantly bring some life back into a space or piece of furniture. Primary colors usually don’t mesh with each other well, so make sure they are paired with more subtle tones like whites and greys.

bedroom with yellow circle painted on wall


This particular design can work with any bolder color. No need to fully commit to something if you aren’t sure about the end result. Painting a large shape on a chunk of wall is a surprising way to change up a room and it’ll also look like artwork. Two birds with one stone!



classic tones color palette

Giving a classic color palette a go will never be a bad choice. As a matter of fact, classic has its own bold twist if you look at it the right way… Painting one wall a dark blue color and the rest of the room white will give a brand new dimension to a space that once seemed a bit lackluster.

calssic living room with dark blue wall


Adding white shelves to the mix and some mid-century inspired furniture will guarantee you a modern and sophisticated environment, all the while giving colors that felt a little outdated a brand new meaning.

wall full of frames


If you aren’t feeling a dark wall, but wish to accessorize your home with a few pieces of that color, velvet is the way to go. Sofas, armchairs and even bed frames, you name it. This classic yet underrated fabric will bring warmth to your home in an instant.


So what’s your favorite color palette this year?


Constance Carpanèse
Constance Carpanèse

Written by the passionate Constance. You can find her personal blog at www.sofasup.com and instagram @connieouest