25 Free Montreal Poster Prints to Decorate Your Walls!

collage of best free 25 images of montreal city


We dug up 25 free images of Montreal to display the city skyline on the walls of your house, loft or condo!

Enjoying beautiful canvas or poster prints of Montreal and an original wall decor has never been so simple. Plus, printing is often cheaper than buying in stores!


Let’s be honest, you only have to live a couple of years in Montreal to want to stay there forever! Whether you were born and raised on the island or just passing through, a foreign student or a permanent resident, it’s impossible to be indifferent to this metropolis.

In the top 10 of the most renowned cities in the world, Montreal’s attractiveness never ceases to increase.

From the European charm of the historic districts, to the red brick factories of the industrial era and the downtown glass buildings, the diversity of the cityscape delights photographers from around the world.


jacques cartier bridge old port

Shot by Walid Amghar | Click to Download


Because we don’t all have a view of the city’s skyline, it’s now possible for you to procure a piece of Montreal to contemplate. Print your own wall posters, from home, in your pajamas! Yes, that’s right!


drone view montreal skyline

Shot by Samuel Charron | Click to Download


Architectural photos : pictures of modern Montreal



photo phil desforges in office decor

Shot by Phil Desforges | Click to Download


architecture picture of place ville marie in office space

Shot by Charles Deluvio | Click to Download


Architectural photographs, or urban photographs, are ideal subjects for wall decor.

The architecture of the modern buildings gives a lot of interesting composition options to create wall art.

Montreal has a downtown area that offers urban landscapes worthy of the greatest metropolises.

The viewpoint angles, the contrasts, the reflections, the vanishing points, the symmetrical or biased compositions are all elements that make for unique Montreal canvas posters, each with a different impact.


  • Dynamic compositions: canvas or poster prints to escape


A photograph with a centred vanishing point will give some depth to your picture:

  -This type of photo feeds your wanderlust and is perfect to decorate a smaller room, like an office.

  -This wall decor will allow you to immerse yourself in the photograph and give your eyes a much-needed break in between computer sessions. We recommend a medium size print.

Indeed, it’s not necessary to print large posters to display in a small room. You most likely won’t have the necessary space to fully enjoy this print size, while a medium poster should sit perfectly right above your computer, where you can really appreciate the view!


canvas print in office space

Shot by Floriane Vita | Click to Download


This photograph, taken at the blue hour, is a good example of a vanishing point. The author used the lines to give depth to the picture. The reflections and lights also add a lot of contrast.


montreal architecture downtown

Shot by Sean Pollock | Click to Download


It’s perfect for medium and large format wall decor in a conference room or behind a reception desk as it allows the viewer to escape…


canvas print above desk

Shot by William Topa | Click to Download



  • Looking for serenity? Opt for canvas posters with a centered subject


A central composition will bring calm and serenity to the photograph. The viewer’s gaze will be focused on the central element.

The empty areas allow for the picture to breathe. For an impressive result, we recommend printing this type of photograph in a large or very large format.


photo patrick tomasso architecture canvas print above blue couch

Shot by Patrick Tomasso | Click to Download



  • Graphic composition, between photograph and drawing


Urban pictures can be very dynamic but also graphic. By using repetitive elements (like windows) on a 2D plan, we get some very interesting geometric compositions.

This view of the Place Ville Marie is particularly good because it brings together three composition characteristics:

    • The general image is dynamic thanks to its vanishing lines;
    • The main building doesn’t represent any distortion: it’s a “plan” type element;
    • The central composition provides a perfect balance.

In medium or large print, in your office, your entrance, your living room or even above your bed, this Montreal canvas poster will find a place anywhere in your home.


photo emilie seguin place ville marie

Shot by Émile Séguin | Click to Download


The aerial type photograph, also called “bird’s eye” or “topshot”, allows you to discover a whole other aspect of your city. By crushing the proportions, you obtain every graphical composition, sometimes bordering on abstraction.

This photograph demonstrates Sainte-Catherine street in the Village. It’s hard to recognize at first glance this emblematic district of Montreal, which is why this picture is interesting. The diagonals bring a kind of dynamism that break the structural monotony of most city plans.

Without hesitation, this one deserves to be printed in a large format and to preside, for example, above the couch. Its elongated format is perfect for a living room wall decor.


canvas print montreal drone view industrial in living room above couch

Shot by Amir Saboury | Click to Download



  • Why not a portrait mode poster of Montreal?


Despite our eye being used to see horizon lines or urban photographs in landscape mode, the portrait mode still lends itself perfectly to wall decor.

Like a window overlooking the city, this type of Montreal canvas posters allows you to escape and to break the monotony of a windowless white wall.

For a successful “window to the city” effect, a large print is ideal. The relation between the view of the city and the building size has to be realistic.


canvas print mark jefferson on white wall seen through door

Shot by Mark Jefferson | Click to Download


The musts: decorate your walls with the iconic scenery of Montreal


Montreal’s architecture is rich and diverse. The bridges, the details of the Old Port façades and the historical monuments are all features that you can put on your home walls.


The Jacques-Cartier bridge


The Jacques-Cartier bridge, illuminated since 2017, is a city icon. Opt for a large format print to make a canvas poster of Montreal that renders justice to this monument.


Jacques cartier bridge illuminated

Shot by Eva Blue | Click to Download

The Olympic Stadium


The Olympic Stadium, another icon of Montreal that hosted the 1976 Olympic Games…

Small, medium or large format, make it a glorious canvas poster that will dress up the walls of your office or your sports room.


canvas print of montreal olympic stadium in gym locker

Shot by Annie Spratt | Click to Download


Downtown Montreal


Here’s a poster of Montreal that deserves our attention. Even if we don’t clearly recognize the city at first, the picture encompasses three key aspects of Montreal

  • The snow and the cold weather;
  • The emergency staircases on red brick buildings typical of the great North American cities of the industrial era;
  • In the background, the highest building in Montreal.


montreal downtown in alley

Shot by Justin Bisson | Click to Download


This poster in portrait mode is perfect for a living room or bedroom wall decor. We recommend a medium size print.


The Old Port district of Montreal


The Old Port of Montreal, known for its ancient façades and its historical monuments, also houses Habitat 67, a symbol of contemporary architecture and of the effervescence of the city around the 1967 Universal Exposition.

Are you the history or modernity kind? Which canvas poster of Montreal will you display in your home?


montreal old port

Shot by Marc-Olivier Jodoin | Click to Download


montreal old port architecture

Shot by Muneeb Syed | Click to Download


habitat 67 moderne

Shot by Liana Carbone | Click to Download


The Montreal skyline : a source of inspiration for photographers



montreal skyline in winter morning

Shot by Nicolae Rosu | Click to Download


One of the most beautiful profiles of Montreal: the city center at dawn.

You only have to look at this poster of Montreal to feel the cold. This view of the city trapped under the ice on a winter morning is representative of Quebec’s extreme temperatures. Why not display it in front of your bed to remind you of the warmth of your sheets?


The blue hour: colourful posters of a magnified Montreal


Popular amongst photographers, the blue hour is the short time between day and night.

It’s the ideal moment, where the contrast is at its peak, to capture incredible colours that are going to make for wonderful shots of Montreal.

For this kind of poster, you should go with the large size!


montreal old port canvas print above couch

Shot by Marc-Olivier Jodoin | Click to Download


The contrast between the twilight glow and the city lights shows a completely different face of the city.


montreal downtown at night

Shot by Jonathan Denney | Click to Download


Artistic interpretation of Montreal: the author’s viewpoint


This canvas poster of Montreal is perfect for a wall decor.

It’s pictorialist features, at the limit between painting and photograph, show a unique interpretation of the city by its author.


montreal skyline

Shot by Marc-Olivier Jodoin | Click to Download


The blur of the photograph gives it a certain abstract and dreamy aspect to the image. Its elongated format is perfect for a bedhead or a dining room wall.

Here again, the author has taken a clear stance during the editing. He gave a dramatic tone to his picture by making the sky carbonaceous.

By putting the emblematic industries and factories of Montreal forward, he brings us back to the industrial development era at the end of the 19th century. This photograph reminds us of certain impressionists, painting the London smog and the coal covered sky.

This vision of Montreal will make a wonderful canvas poster, printed in a large format, for offices, lofts, studios…


Nightime Montreal image

Shot by Alex | Click to Download


Nighttime photography: the lights of Montreal


Finally, a nighttime view of Montreal for the night owls. Without some recognizable buildings, this could be any city in the world.

This poster will bring a touch universality and dream to your interior decor.

There’s always an awe when in front of the quiet power of a dormant city. On this photograph, the skyline reminds a constellation.


Nightime photo Montreal

Shot by Aleksandra Rupar | Click to Download


Like when contemplating the stars, we can’t help but to think about all the lives that make Montreal the beloved city that it is.


We hope that you’re happy with these 25 iconic pictures of Montreal that the photographers made available for free.


To print without moderation with your own home printer!


But for gallery quality prints small or large format



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