5 B&W pictures to turn your blank wall frown upside down

yes word on brick wall

Photography is an art that should be practiced often. Unfortunately, your days that are running out of hours, filled to the brim with brunches and sunsets that turn into sunrises, you haven’t been able to use your camera in quite some time now. Thanks to the generosity of photographers, thousands of high-quality pictures are available for download on the website unsplash. Click here to print out the picture of your dream and hang it on your wall at your leisure!


©Jon Tyson | Download here

One simple word can sometimes make a world of difference. Just like a daily mantra, a picture like this one can change your day for the better. Typography is a detail that has the habit of being undervalued but that ends up being a key element to decorating a space. Its font, size, and style depend on your own préférences, therefore it is the best way to add a personalized touch to your home.


©Louis Pellissier |Download here

This picture will hardly go unnoticed. What’s more grandiose than a view of one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris? The hustle and bustle on the ground only accentuate the poise of this stable and proud Iron Lady, frozen in eternity. We can all imagine ourselves in the crowd, admiring her in all of her beauty. There isn’t much more motivating to look at every day.


©Hans Veth| Download here

We have a tendency to look for the extraordinary, to want to be surprised by something incredible, the unique. This image represents that in all of its simplicity. Every day, the sun rises and sets, bringing with him different varieties of lights and shadows. This picture, as intense as it is simple will add a touch of serenity to your home.




©Emile Séguin | Download here

Photos like this one have the power to amaze their audience with their extreme simplicity. Here, there are no details or shadows. Our eyes are automatically called to fix the central subject as well as the environment in which it evolves. This particular photo will have a resounding effect if it is printed in a larger scale. The contrast of the white immensity and the dark focal point will be all the more extreme.


©Matt Artz | Download here

Travel photos always have a nostalgic feeling when they are taken in black and white. A simple still life will come alive with its shades of white, gray and black. Although you’ve never been to Joshua Tree National Park, it will feel just like it!


©Sophie Sollmann | Download here

Bonus! Black and white shouldn’t be limited to a simple filter, and this picture is proof. We can also prioritize an image with repetitive shapes in order to attract the eye. It will look great on a colored wall, which will give it its time to shine and will add a hint of modernity to your room.


So, is a picture still worth a thousand words?

Constance Carpanèse
Constance Carpanèse

Written by the passionate Constance. You can find her personal blog at www.sofasup.com and instagram @connieouest