5 Painters to Discover

cat painting

If our walls could talk, they would probably ask us to cover them up more often.  A piece of art in just the right spot can really make all the difference in the world. There is no need to use all of your life savings to purchase a Picasso! These 5 talented artists definitely have what it takes to please your heart and eyes. Goodbye white walls, hello sunny canvases!

Agathe Singer


Inspired by nature, Agathe takes us in a world filled with paintings of plants and animals. Gouache and watercolors are her go-tos and her naïve style is what draws us in. Fun fact: her illustrations have been used by Fragonard perfumeries and Vogue.

Our pick of the day – Tiger in a jungle

Isabelle Feliu


Originally from Québec, Isabelle has made Oslo in Norway her home, where she works on her creations. Her favorite subject? Women, in all of their shapes and colors. Here, you won’t find models ; simply girls who shine with their differences and uniqueness. It is easy to imagine us laying next to them, each of them integretad to a breathtaking landscape.

Our pick of the day – Summah!

Mica Lucas


The acrylic and oil paintings of Mica, an Argentine painter, will seduce still life lovers. Although the concepts she uses are reminiscent of a classical aesthetic, her look and approach are defined by their singularity. The color schemes and shadows she chooses give her creations a light and fresh take on somewhat of an oldschool style.

Our pick of the day – Blue Detail

Alice Wietzel


In small and large formats, Alice paints women and men in all of their intimacy. There is nothing vulgar in the nudity she portrays, quite on the contrary. One can easily be drawn in by  the poetry that comes with her work, and re-appreciate the human body, with its detailed geometry and hints of pastel colors.

Our pick of the day – Queen Conch

Ana Popescu


Ana’s works are fascinating in their simplicity. She accurately paints environments frozen in time where light plays an important role. Her pools remind us of the ones painted by the famous David Hockney and her interiors give us a taste of the summer house we’ve been dreaming of staying in.

Our pick of the day –

Constance Carpanèse
Constance Carpanèse

Written by the passionate Constance. You can find her personal blog at www.sofasup.com and instagram @connieouest