How to Design Your Own Print

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Creating your perfect custom photo print is a charm when having the right tool. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality acrylic or just a beautiful canvas, here’s how you can do it online with our Print your own module.

Choose your space 

Which blank wall is to be filled with a beautiful BLANKSPACE print in your house or office? This will help you identify the size for your print and which style and vibe you are going for.



Choose an image

Now that you know your space, that you have an idea of the style you want, you need to choose an image. Upload an image of your own and let us tell you which size you can print based on your image resolution, that simple! If you feel like you need some inspiration, we have an amazing list of websites to check!




Choose your printing material – Canvas, Metal or HD Acrylic 

It’s time to select your material, this is what will give life to your photo! 

A canvas print has a matte textured classic finish and will fit any kind of image.  

A metal print has a matte metallic brushed aluminum finish and suits best images with high contrast, the ones with lots of black and vibrant colours. 

An HD Acrylic print has a glossy crystal-clear HD effect and suits any type of pictures. Highly vibrant pictures will look amazing and stand out.





Choose your print size and layout 

Once you have selected your image you need to select the final size of your print. For instance, if your picture has a 3:2 format (like most DSLR cameras), your final print should keep that ratio, like 24×16. Our Print your Own wizard will assist you through that process and make it easy. You will also be able to crop your image while keeping the print ratio you selected.



Choose your finishing options 

Depending on the material chosen you will have different finishing options available. For a canvas print, you will have to choose the frame size, 0.75″ or 1.5″, and the edge options. Most popular options are a combination of a 1.5” frame with a wrapped image borderFor metal and HD acrylic prints, you can choose your hanging hardware: fancy barrels or classic aluminum rail.




Hopefully, this helped you in your process of designing your own print. 


For any questions or help in your process, you can reach us at

Laurence Lefebvre
Laurence Lefebvre

Founder of BLANKSPACE, on a journey to share her love for prints and colors with you